What are AECOM’s Life-Preserving Principles?

Our nine Life-Preserving Principles set the expectation that all employees, contractors and third parties are held accountable for themselves, their colleagues and their families. We firmly believe these principles will enable AECOM to achieve its goal of zero employee injuries and no property damage, as well as foster an environmentally friendly and sustainable workplace.

How do I use the SH&E Roadmap?

The SH&E Roadmap is a resource for project and site managers, and others. It offers guidance, ready-to-use tools and templates on our key Safety, Health and Environment (SH&E) programs. The SH&E Roadmap is designed to be concise and to address select, high impact programs. AECOM’s SH&E Management System should be consulted for complete requirements, additional programs and the associated tools.

The SH&E Roadmap’s content is organized around our Life-Preserving Principles. Its purpose is help users understand these principles and how they can be applied to any stage in a project’s lifecycle; from initial planning and start-up through to execution and closure.

You can download tools and sections at once. Select the chapters, sections and tools you wish to include in your download. Then click the button to download all selected items.

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