Shared Services

The Corporate SH&E Shared Services groups offer a wide variety of services. No matter the Shared Service - we strive superior customer service for all your SH&E needs globally.

Each department will have their own set of shared skill sets that aid in supporting AECOMs SH&E organization from policies and procedure development /maintenance to safety data management services to supporting/developing SH&E training materials. Below is a brief description of the support functions of each department.

Management Solutions: The Management Solutions team provides services surrounding the Global SH&E Management System, Marketing & Proposal SH&E content guidance, Occupational Health, Injury Management and Workers’ Compensation and Auto Claims support. From the availability of the AECOM nursing staff of 24 hours 7 days a week, to managing the continual improvements to our SH&E documentation, we support various SH&E activities inherent to our business operations.

Technical Solutions: The Technical Solutions team provides services for the enterprise-wide safety-related systems we utilize at AECOM: IndustrySafe (for incident reporting and management), LifeGuard (observations. SMOs. PSRs. QMOs), and the Injury Management System. We also Provide corporate level data support for MBR, CVM. ERM, Prequalification data, client account data etc. This team is responsible for the Ecosystem Corporate Safety site and a variety of other web tools and digital solutions

Training and Development: The SH&E Training and Development team provides services to operational leaders to help ensure that employees receive adequate training based on the requirement, of the relevant SH&E procedures The SH&E training and development staff arrange appropriate training through AECOM University, but training may also be delivered by internal or external providers. We interact with AECOM University to assist employees with courses offered where they may encounter issues. We also develop some training materials and are responsible for developing and launching Safety for Life every fiscal year